Use the search bar on the front page to search for events by location or keyword. If you’d prefer you can also click on ‘Browse Categories’ in the top bar to search by specialty or click on one of the category boxes on the front page. From within the search menu you can filter your search by Abstract Deadline, Conference, Course, Online or Prize Deadline. If you want to favourite/save courses, add notes or set up the alerts feature (see below) you will need to create an account.

2. Create An Account

Creating an account with Docicity is easy. The social login feature allows you to login quickly and you’ll be creating, rating and favouriting events, courses and deadlines in no time! Upon login you can access your account and dashboard area, update your details, choose an avatar and view your Favourites and Alerts.

3. Been On A Course? Upload It and Rate It

Docicity isn’t just about finding courses it is the only user-driven course review site available. If you have been on a course that isn’t listed on Docicity you can upload the course information yourself allowing you and colleagues to review it for others. Course providers can then verify the course and claim ownership.

4. Favourites

You can click the heart icon visible on any event page to favourite and save the event to your Favourites area. This is great if you are not quite ready to register and want to review some other options first.

5. Alerts

We know that even with all events and deadlines listed it can still be easy to miss a deadline or event. The alerts tool allows you to minimise the risk of this happening by enabling you to set up specific terms that you will be alerted to as new events are published on the site and deadlines approach. You can add deadlines to your My Alerts page by clicking the ‘add deadline’ text located at the bottom of all event pages. You can also set up specific criteria using categories and tags from within your My Alerts area to customise what you are alerted to and how you receive alerts.

5. Reviews, Images and Social

You can post a review on any event that you attend. Reviews are great as they provide feedback to event providers and also help promote highly rated courses to future attendees. If you take photos at the event you can also post these by clicking the camera icon in the main header area of the event page. You can also share event pages on social media to highlight to your friends that you will be attending.

6. Register

Depending on how the event provider has chosen to promote and manage registrations you will either be directed to their own website and registration page or to the Docicity e-ticket and app system. The Docicity e-ticket system is quick and easy and provides you with a bar code the can be scanned in upon registration at the event. If registration is via an external webpage ensure that the payment gateway is secure and details of the course match those on Docicity. If you are concerned about a course please let us know.



1. Create An Account

Creating an account with Docicity is easy. The social login feature allows you to login quickly or you can register at the same time as posting your event to reduce your time spent entering information.

2. Submit Your Event

Submitting an event using Docicity is super simple, we’ve even made entering the address of your event easy, it will auto complete the event address.

You can add video, logos, HD images and write an engaging description to help promote your event to medics. You can also add a link to your website, social media, contact details and more.

3. Choose a Package

Docicity has three simple packages for event providers: Free, Silver and Platinum.

Free is just like it says, you’ll never have to pay and you can submit your event with all of the above features. Page engagement and promotion is down to you.

Silver is our most popular package. Do you already spend your advertising budget paying societies to promote to their members or on running adverts on Google adwords or medical publications and websites? This can be expensive and ineffective. The silver package avoids the hassle and ineffectiveness of active promotion by having the Docicity Promotions Team actively promote your event for you to our members and beyond via our Docicity link people. Docicity has also partnered with undergraduate and postgraduate medical societies to help you get your message to your target audience and our VIP mailing list is a maintained, up-to-date list of contacts at all medical schools and postgraduate hospitals.

Platinum is our final package and is best suited to organisations with a marketing and promotions budget or those wishing to use our modern e-ticket/app-based registration system to vastly simplify sign-up and on-the-day registrations. The platinum package has the active promotion of silver PLUS featured course, advanced dashboard analytics, review management, bespoke design team help creating your page and optional advanced e-ticket registration.  Featured page helps to make your page stand out. Your page will be pinned near the top of the search results, highlighted and displayed in the featured events section of the front page. Advanced dashboard analytics allow you to view page engagement and adjust your page content appropriately to maximise sign ups. The review management system allows you to respond to negative reviews and disable reviews to ensure reviews are accurate and mostly positive. Finally bespoke page design and e-ticket system enable our team of graphics and search optimisation wizards to make your page stand out and allow you to utilise our barcode and app-based registration system for taking sign-ups. Our team will set up and configure this for you.

If you are unsure of what package best suits your event’s needs please feel free to contact us.

3. Manage Your Events

Once you have registered and submitted your event you can login and view all of your event listings from within your dashboard. If you have chosen to use the Docicity e-ticket registration system you can manage this from here too. The Docicity e-ticket system instantly generates an e-ticket with a QR bar code to delegates upon registration. The e-ticket is emailed to the candidate and you’ll be able to see the number of sign-ups. You can then download our ticketing app from the android or app store onto multiple devices. The app allows you to quickly scan the e-ticket bar code on the day of your event (any bar code scanner can be used if you wish) and automatically register delegates, removing the need for manual sign-ins and maximising speed of check-in.

4. Maximise Engagement and Sign-Ups

Engaging doctors can be tricky, luckily we’re here to do the hard work for you. We’ll promote your event on social media, actively promote your event via our VIP mailing list and help you improve your event listing using our bespoke packages as outlined above. Docicity has partnered with both undergraduate and postgraduate societies and institutions to ensure targeted, effective marketing of your event.

Our event rating system allows previous candidates to rate your event and promote your event to others. Events can be shared socially from your event page to further aid passive, candidate-driven promotion. Finally our innovative ticketing and registration system allows candidates to register quickly on Docicity and receive an e-ticket with bar code which you can then scan on the day of your event with the ticketing app.

5. Front Page Advertising and Bespoke Marketing

Docicity is happy to run adverts on our front page and blog area to help promote your company, brand or website. If you would like help running or marketing your event or have any pre-sales questions please feel free to contact the team at any stage.

6. Engage Your Own Website Members

If you have a membership website or just want to display jobs in certain categories on your own web page you can embed our Docicity event planner widget into your webpage. This allows you to choose the events and deadlines that you think you members might find useful and help engage users and improve the user experience for visitors or members of your website.
The embed code is fully customisable and your web team can alter the code to make it match that of your own page should you wish.

Docicity Embed Events Code