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ST3 Orthopaedic Interview: Ortho Interview

ST3 Orthopaedic Interview Preparation
ST3 Orthopaedic Interview Preparation, Courses and Online

Tell us a little about your organisation

ST3 Ortho Interview was created by trauma and orthopaedic registrars who came top in the first year of national trauma and orthopaedic ST3 selection interviews. Despite their success they were frustrated with the lack of information available to candidates sitting the interviews and so decided to do something about it.
ST3 Ortho Interview was created and is now the definitive resource for anyone applying to trauma and orthopaedic surgery. ST3 Ortho Interview provides surgeons with a revolutionary online interview preparation area featuring interactive practice questions with comprehensive answers and video tutorials and CV analysis. We also run the largest and most effective preparation courses for ST3 Trauma and Orthopaedic interviews. The Knowledge Course features lectures and interactive group sessions to get you started with your interview prep ahead of christmas. Our incredibly popular Mock Interview Course features near-to-peer teaching and realistic simulation of the actual interviews.

How long have you been running medical events for?

We’ve been active for 3 years and have coached over 1000 successful candidates via the website and our courses.

Who is your target audience?

Anyone applying for orthopaedic interviews in the UK, Australia or USA.

Who teaches/speaks at your events?

We use near-to-peer teaching with tutors selected from those ranking in the top 10 of the previous years’ interviews to ensure prospective candidates get the most accurate and effective information on how to prepare. Many of our tutors are now post-FRCS (the orthopaedic exit exam) meaning that the can provide candidates with FRCS-level teaching should they wish.

What is your most popular event?

Both the Knowledge Course and Mock Interview Courses have sold out every year and the question bank is hugely popular.

ST3 Orthopaedic Online Interview Preparation
ST3 Orthopaedic Online Interview Preparation

Are you expanding or putting on any new events this year?

2016-17 is looking like being a huge year. We will be adding lots more interactive content to the online preparation area, will be offering a new CV analysis tool, webinars and much much more.

Do you have any upcoming deadlines (abstract, competitions etc)?

The Knowledge Course will be taking place on Saturday 19th November
The Mock Interview Course will take place on Sunday 20th November

Tell us about the most rewarding feedback you have received from a candidate

For the last round of interviews we had over 40 candidates email us spontaneously on the day the interview results were announced expressing their gratitude and telling us where they had got jobs. This was extremely humbling.
Our favourite personal story was from a gentleman who had been trying to get a job for the past 4 years and was close to giving up. His wife paid for him to attend our interview weekend and to use the website and he subsequently ranked 14th out of 500 applicants and got his first choice of job.

Tell us three reasons why Docicity users should attend your event

1. We want candidates to get their FIRST choice job not just to scrape through the interviews
2. Our online preparation area and questions is easy to use and highly effective
3. Our pass rate for the highly competitive selection process is over 90%

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