Tell us a little about your organisation

Medic Footprints was the idea of Dr Abeyna Jones (Medical Director). When she returned from working overseas in a hospital in rural South Africa, she wanted to help other doctors work abroad as well. She called up Sara Sabin (Finance Director), who co-founded the business with her!
This gradually expanded into a service that enables the medical profession to explore career opportunities beyond the conventional.

How long have you been running medical events for?

We have been running events since February 2015, starting with our first Enterprising Doctors workshop. It was a runaway success! The feedback out of the event was that doctors wanted more opportunities to network with doctors who were doing other things.

We therefore also started doing monthly networking events, which have continued very successfully.

Abenya Jones of Medic Footprints
Abenya Jones of Medic Footprints

Who is your target audience?

Our target audience is any doctor who is curious about other career options or wants to learn more about how to get into specific careers.

It is not about actively encouraging doctors to leave the NHS (in any case, many doctors will stay involved or go back to the profession), it is merely about highlighting what is out there, allowing people to make informed decisions. Many will in the end decide that the grass is not greener!

Who teaches/speaks at your events?

We always have experiential speakers at our events, so that doctors can get an idea of what non traditional career paths other doctors are pursuing and learn from the new skills that they have gained. Our events provide a forum to meet people they may not necessarily meet and learn from otherwise.

For the more business specific skills or non medical and CV interview skills, Sara Sabin takes the lead, having come from a corporate background herself.

Careers Lectures
Careers Lectures

What is your most popular event?

Our most popular event without a doubt was our first Alternative Careers and Wellbeing Event on 31 October 2015. For more information, you can check out some of the stuff that was going on our ACW Event page

We had nearly 400 doctors come along – 244 tickets were sold in the first weekend of sales, and we were completely sold out 6 weeks in advance.

Are you expanding or putting on any new events this year?

This year we have carried on with great quality networking events and we have our second annual Alternative Careers and Wellbeing Event on 1 October 2016. ACW Event page.

We’re also arranging a management consultancy workshop on the afternoon of 30 September and a pre-event social with key note speaker in the evening of 30 September, to give delegates even more for their money this year!

Tickets are now on sale. Although early bird tickets have already gone!

Do you have any upcoming deadlines (abstract, competitions etc)?

We introduced for the first time this year our ACW Awards, to recognise medics achieving amazing things!

Medics have until 31 July to nominate others (or themselves) for any of the four designated award categories.

Yoga classes for medics
Yoga classes for medics

Tell us about the most rewarding feedback you have received from a candidate

We’re fortunate to have received much fortunate feedback from our delegates!

If I had to pick out a few things:

“Last years Alternative Careers and Wellbeing event was incredible! I met so many inspiring people! I would recommend this company for anyone who is looking to expand within and outside of medicine.” Katya Mishanina

I picked out this one because Katya is one of our passionate volunteers that really believes in and helps us to further the cause!

We have a video testimonial as well from one of the doctors we helped.

Tell us three reasons why Docicity users should attend your event

1. We present many different career options and speakers to you – not everyone is the same, so we present corporate and non-corporate, allowing you to make an informed choice!
2. Networking opportunities – you will be able to network with speakers that could help further your career and talk directly to companies looking to hire you!
3. Wellbeing – we care about doctors’ wellbeing. We have workshops that will help you manage and deal with stress.