We’re delighted to announce that our team has been working their socks off ahead of our full launch later this year.

A big thanks to all of our BETA testers and early adopter course providers who have been invaluable in testing the site, requesting features and spotting areas for improvement.

NEW Features

Dashboard Overhaul: We have completely overhauled the dashboard (the area you can access after logging in). You will now see a new menu and improved navigation system for accessing your event alerts and favourites.

Event Page Stats: Designed with course providers in mind this cool new addtion available to Platinum-level course providers with the ability to get real-time information of page views and user demographics to help identify how effective their page listing is and how many views convert to registration clicks.

Advanced Reviews: You told us and we listened! Our beta testers wanted to be able to give ratings for separate components of a course or event such as the quality of the faculty, venue and value for money.

Review Management: A bad review can ruin a course and lots of our beta tester course providers were worried about malicious comments or unsubstantiated annonymous posts. Our new review management area is found in dashboard area and allows course providers to respond to and quickly highlight potentially malicious reviews to our content team to ensure everything remains fun and friendly on Docicity.

Search By Course Provider: If you love medical events provided by a speicific company or institution you can now quickly browse through all their courses by clicking on their info button on any event listing page.

Expanded Social Media Promotion: All courses are now publicised via facebook, twitter and google plus.

Social Login: Too busy to sign up via email? You can now login using facebook or google.

Plus lots more coll tweaks, optimisations and edits ahead of the full launch.