Medical Courses, Events and Deadlines Docicity was created by a surgeon in the United Kingdom after he became fed up missing out on conference deadlines and attending courses with no way to provide feedback to future delegates. He also ran courses for doctors and found promoting events to be a real pain and the process of collecting sign-ups and organising registration to be needlessly difficult. Having experienced both sides of the problem the option was simple: to create a system that allowed for effective, targeted promotion of events that could be reviewed by delegates and that enabled delegates to be notified of approaching deadlines and track important events.


Our Mission Is Simple: Make Finding Medical Courses, Events and Deadlines Easy

We want to make it as easy as possible for medics to find courses that are both useful to them and of a high standard. We understand that many CPD courses required for career progression can  book up months in advance and existing course provider websites are not user friendly. Even worse we know all too well that some courses can be expensive and of little benefit. Docicity gives medics a powerful search tool to search medical events by location, specialty or grade or to simply browse course providers. Medics can then add courses, events or deadlines to their favourites list if they do not want to register for the event immediately and can also create alerts to be notified when events matching their specifications are published by course providers. Finally Docicity allows medics to rate courses that they have attended to reduce the risk of future delegates attending poor quality events and providing feedback to event providers.

Our Mission Includes Course Providers

Docicity gives course providers direct access to medical professionals through both our innovative course listing system and bespoke marketing packages. We know that promoting your course, event or deadline to medics is highly dependent on channels such as existing mail lists, word-of-mouth and your own online presence. Promoting and attracting medics as they rotate through different placements, regions and countries makes this even more tricky. Docicity provides a range of packages to suit your individual needs with varying levels of active promotion provided by the experienced Docicity team.

Our Mission Makes Registration Fast and Modern

Currently even popular courses with payment gateway-optimised websites still rely on delegate lists, payment receipts and manual course registration on the day of your event. For course providers looking for a more modern alternative that will improve delegate engagement and feedback our bespoke e-ticketing registration system allows delegates to register for our course on the Docicity website and provides them with a bar-code that can be scanned in on the day of your event using an app to make your life as easy as possible.

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